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The Bulls of Ongole

Ongole is a small non descript town [in costal Andhra Pradesh that falls on the route of Madras to Delhi in India and it takes 6 hours from Madras to Ongole by an express train] few decades back and it is the head quarter for Prakasam District now. Ongole is famous for the breed of bulls in that area. Ongole bulls have gone as far as America, Holland, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Paraguay, Indonesia, West Indies, Australia, Fiji, Mauritius, Indo china and Philippines. The Brahmana bull in America is an off-breed of the Ongole. An Island in Malaysia where there are many Ongoles is named as Ongole Island. The population of Ongole off-breed in Brazil is said to be around several millions. During the time of Rev. Clough of Ongole, an Ongole bull named Potu Ramudu owned by Sri Potu Venkatadri Naidu was reported1 to have gone to Holland. It is said that in the Wageningen Agricultural University in Holland, a commemorative plaque exists with the name and image of Potu Ramudu. The mascot of the 2002 Indian National Games was Veera1, an Ongole Bull. The original breed of Ongole stud bulls are found in a small region around Ongole town between rivers Gundlakamma, and Musi. Ongole bulls are the pride of India for they are unequivocally world class. Short horned Ongole bulls exactly look like Nandi sculptures seen in any Temple of Lord Shiva. Further Ongoles are phylogenetically related to Tharparkar breed of North Western India and Sind area of Pakistan where the Indus Valley Civilization [IVC] thrived approximately between 8000 to 2000 years Before Christ. Going by the theory that IVC was initiated by Dravidians, it is not unlikely that Ongoles evolved into Tharparkars. Despite all this we don’t find information on the breeders of Ongole cattle past or present. We don’t have historical records of Who is Who Vis a Vis Ongole Cattle. If you have pictures of Ongole Bulls or Brahmana Bulls as they are known [though wrongly] outside India please post them here with a brief write up.

Ongole Breed Bull


The prize winning Bull in the above picture is reared by Sri DT Moses at Pernamitta. The pictures of the bulls in the gallery are from the albums of Dr. A. Madhusudhana Rao, Mr. M. Narendranath and Mr. M. Babu Khan, created from the links bellow.

The following articles/ links have some good information/ stories on Ongoles. For more information:

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